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Haarlem on April 5, 2021



Under sail again - thanks for Easter greetings





Dear friends



The 2021 sailing season has started. After an eventful winter stay in Kudelstaart, we set out on March 31, 2021 and sailed to Haarlem. Elisabeth, Jan and Jean-Pierre, ship neighbours in the winter harbour, accompanied us on this sunny trip. In Haarlem we were able to moor  at our preferred berth at Korte Dijk and will stay here for three weeks to feel the urban way of life compared to the more rural village Kudelstaart. We'll also say goodbye to our friends in this area.




Farewell to Kudelstaart


The Kudelstaart marina was a wonderful, varied winter berth. Bernadette has regularly reported on this on our blog. We got to know a lot of beloved boatmates and neighbours in the marina. Giel, the harbour master, looked after us very

well with his assistants Ruben, Martijn and Bart. Ronald and Sheila passed the ship every day on their way to work and waved. Sheila cut our hair three times on board to our great satisfaction. We used to visit each other by bike with Rosmarie and Rinze Marten from Haarlem. Bas, the pilot, spruced up his recently purchased motorboat "Overkant". Often we had coffee on board our ship and a lively exchange of ideas with Heinz. Aad and Florence twice invited us to a refreshing wellness stay in their house in Hellevoetsluis, including pick-up and return to Kudelstaart in their electric car.


Peter, the songwriter, living on a sailboat in the marina, accompanied our dinner we had together on board of Dagens 2, singing with his guitar and dedicated a fun short story to us about three ducks in the harbor.


Aart and Marion from the village centre provided us with interesting literature for the long winter evenings and brought us a delicacy called "Limoncello-Tiramisu". Jan, Elisabeth and Jean-Pierre got to explore their recently purchased motor yacht in the marina and christened it "Entre Nous", a name that also shaped our lively get-together on board our Dagens 2 or in their apartment. Gertjan, the port owner, and his wife Anana have assured us of a permanent "welcome back home" as we said goodbye.


Where are we heading to ?


Our destination this year is Potsdam, where Andrea, the port owner, has assured us of the berth that has grown dear to us in the marina at Tiefen See for the next winter. The journey there and the scheduling of the intermediate stops can still be pretty much designed. We intend to sail across the Randmere through the Noordoost-Polder to Friesland and via Delfzijl to Emden. Whether and how we succeed in crossing the border to Germany still depends heavily on the corona developments. However, we are confident and look forward to the route that we know already across Germany to the capital of the state of Brandenburg, Potsdam, where many friends are already waiting for us. Below is our planned route:



Thanks for Easter greetings !


Together with Rosmarie and Rinze Marten we spent the Easter days here in Haarlem. Bernadette had coloured eggs and decorated the wheelhouse for Easter. Rinze Marten held the Easter service, in which we could participate as guests. Then he and Rosmarie were our guests on board for an Easter lunch from Bernadette's gourmet kitchen.

We thank you for the many Easter greetings. They helped make the day a festival, which stands out from everyday life and remains in good memories. There is some health in every real Easter egg that strengthens the body's defences against unwanted external influences. We wish you resilient health, lots of joyful exercise in the fresh air and a great desire to laugh. This creates positive courage, hope and confidence that do not have to be injected with medical syringes.



With kind regards

(Our latest news - unfortunately only in German - can be found on "Aktuelles auf Blogspot")

Farewell to the Kudelstaart marina on March 30, 2021


From October 1, 2021 to April 1, 2022, we will probably be lying with Dagens 2 in the marina at Tiefen See in Potsdam and can be found there in the winter months at the address:

Heinz und Bernadette Gubler
an Bord von Schiff "Dagens 2"
Marina am Tiefen See
Schiffbauergasse 8
14467 Potsdam

Our email and web addresses remain unchanged:



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