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Drimmelen, May 21, 2020



Back to the waterways again !



Passage on May 15th, 2020 through Amsterdam over the Nieuwe Herengracht: Walter Süskindbrug



Dear friends

We're on the move again. In mid-May 2020 we left our winter harbor Twellegea in Amsterdam-Noord, sailed through the canals of the city of Amsterdam to the Amstel and reached the city of Gouda via the Aar Canal. Here in Gouda, 10 years ago, the former owners of our ship, René and Toos van Etten, left us after a first day tour to get to know our ship. From then on we were on our own. What a difference in our current return after 10 years of sailing experience and no more stress. The city welcomed us - with and despite Corona measures - with open arms and ensured a varied weekend.



On the market square in Gouda on May 16, 2020

"The City of Gouda welcomes you, also today (under Corona measures), with open arms".



Via Dordrecht we sailed on ever increasing waterways to Drimmelen near Geertruidenberg on the Amer in the province of North-Brabant and spend the weekend, which is extended by Ascension Day (public holiday 10 days before whitsun), where the weather is fine. Drimmelen is an important starting point to visit the nature reserve "De Biesbosch" on the north bank of the Amer. But in view of the countless ships and rental boats that start from here into the nature reserve and "flood" the many winding water surfaces, we saddle up our bikes and explore the surrounding area on the beautifully laid out bike routes, where lushly blooming waysides delight our eyes and our photo lens.

By Ascension Day extended weekend in the marina "De Biesbosch" in Drimmelen.



Our destination is Maasbracht, where we are registered at the Tinnemans en Zonen shipyard on June 2, 2020. After four years of reliable service, our underwater ship and the two motors for propulsion and electricity are entitled to some periodic maintenance. In addition, we want to have a small sewage treatment plant installed in the bow for our wastewater.


Legislation prohibits the discharge of wastewater into open water and stipulates that the contents of the wastewater tank should be pumped out at special service stations and sent to the sewage treatment plants, unless the wastewater is cleaned with a small sewage treatment plant in such a way that it meets the official requirements for bathing water and then it may very well be discharged into open water. We are getting involved in this experiment and are excited to see how such a small sewage treatment plant will behave and prove itself in practice.


We spend the remaining days of June in the small city harbor "'t Bassin" in Maastricht, where we hope - under corona rules of conduct - to see different friends from our early nautical years again. In Maastricht we will celebrate the 70th birthday of Heinz among the family members, limited by Corona rules. We will have to do without André Rieu's annual summer concert on the large square "'t Vrijthof" due to Corona restrictions for mass events. We are excited to see what André Rieu and television will come up with as a replacement.


City port 't Bassin in Maastricht


Stopover on May 15th, 2020 in Nieuwveen on the way from Amsterdam to Maasbracht.


In Maastricht we'll plan how our tour will go on. What is certain is that we will stay in the Netherlands for the rest of the year, as Belgium and France are still closed to boat tourists for the time being. Thanks to the consent of the port owner, we can again spend the next winter in the Twellegea marina in Amsterdam-Noord and enjoy the cultural offerings of Amsterdam that will hopefully be accessible again.


Dagens 2 in the marina Twellegea in Amsterdam-Noord


We are fine. With numerous "social medias" we can keep in touch with you, our friends. Pentecost is in 10 days. We hope that today's sunny weather will hold out and that we will still enjoy it on Pentecost. Stay healthy and strengthen your defenses against Covid-19 with lots of fresh air activities. We wish you a very nice Pentecost holiday.


With kind regards

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On May 18th, 2020 in front of the town house in Dordrecht.



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