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Amsterdam, 11th of april 2020



Easter takes place - despite the Corona virus





Dear friends

Thank you very much for so many Easter greetings, be it with movieclips, with organ music, with your good thoughts, or with your questions about how we are and where we are at the moment.

We are on our ship Dagens 2 in the marina Twellegea in Amsterdam. For days we have been experiencing beautiful sunshine and fresh, warm temperatures that invite us to all kinds of activities. In strong contrast, the restrictions due to the Corona measurements. Nevertheless: we can jog, hike, walk, cycle and do lot of things for our well-being. The shops are open, subject to spacing by 1,5 meters. Bernadette's cooking skills are good for our well-being, too. We are also not short of activities on the ship: spring cleaning, fight the rust spots, grind, paint, lubrificate, revise etc. We are not allowed to visit the hairdresser. So, we take comb and scissors and do it ourselves. The hairstyle becomes lighter and the result is not quite different from the specialist's work.

Our sailing program this year is still undefined. The waterways are open, the locks and bridges are operated with time restrictions. But the sports facilities, including marinas, are generally closed, so that only day trips with a return to the original berth are possible. Until mid-May 2020 we can stay here in the marina Twellegea. At the end of April, the government wants to decide whether the restrictions can be eased or not. We will see.

We are fine; we use "social medias" intensively to keep in touch with our friends. Easter takes place. Bernadette took the opportunity to paint a picture for Easter, with which we would like to wish you happy and unforgettable Easter.





With kind regards (the latest news from us can be found under "Aktuelles auf Blogspot")



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