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Happy Christmas       Strasbourg, 1st december 2015              



Dear friends

The lights are on at the big Christmas tree on Kléber-Plein at Strasbourg. This is the opening sign of the famous Christmas market in the center of the town.

Strasbourg is our mooringplace for the winter 2015 / 16. We enjoy all the manifold events in the opera, the theaters and the different concert stages - a challenge after two winters spent near Paris with its top program of cultural performances. We enjoy all these tiny shops with wonderful displayed goods in the town center, whereto we can easily walk from our marina. We enjoy the easiness of life among thousands of students, which stimulate the streets and the squares and which jam the tramways in late afternoon.

                       ; - )

Beeing near to Sitzerland, several friends have announced to come and see us during the coming winter months. We love to amble with them through the Christmas market or the town, because four pair of eyes see more than two. What a pleasure!

Kerstboom in Straatsburg op Kléber-plein



In the meantime we reprocess our nautical tour in 2015 from Paris over Briare, Roanne, Dijon, Dole, Montbéliard, Mulhouse to Strasbourg. We took so many pictures, which lead us back to all these bright moments of our trip.

It was a fantastic summer, sailing through overwhelming sceneries, driving past villages and towns full of modern and historical treasuries and meeting so many interesting persons, afloat or ashore. The encounter with them create moments of happyness beyond words. We eagerly would keep them going on, never ending. But everybody has his own target and his own life. What a bliss to keep them in mind forever.



Dagens 2 in de haven van Koejac Yachting in Straatsburg



Here in the marina of Koejac Yachting will we stay until 15th of april 2016. Where we are going from here on, is a matter of planning after New Year.

Meanwhile we send you our best Christmas greetings from Strasbourg. We wish you all the best, good health and plenty of serene moments during the Advent season. Keep your mind up and jump with courage into the New Year!

Bernadette en Heinz Gubler

on board of Dagens 2



De pittoreske stadsdeel Petite France in Straatsburg



De pittoreske stadsdeel Petite France in Straatsburg



Our postal address until end of march 2016:

Bernadette und Heinz Gubler

à bord du bateau Dagens 2

Koejac Yachting

BP 16 

67064  Strasbourg - Cedex





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