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For Christmas 2014



About places of power and

energy for life



This year we sailed with our ship Dagens 2 through the eastern part of France. On the way we met lovely, cool and interesting people with quite different origins, skin colours and personal history. Listening to them was extremely inspiring and true-to-life. These encounters were like mental filling station. They filled us with power and energy for life.



On our journey down the French part of the Maas we approached the Belgian border. There behind lay the well-known monastery of Orval, perfectly hidden in the densely wooded hills of the Ardennes. It was Sunday, rainy, dreary and definitely no day for cruising. Thanks to the car of our guests we could do a side trip to Orval. On the ground of a valley, envelopped by old-growth forest, away from urban stress and traffic, upraised the impressive buildings of the cloister. We felt a strange vigour emerging from this place of silence, a stimulatory force, which embraced us. We were invited to follow the Holy Communion together with the monks. Afterwards we could visit the public part of the monastery buildings and gardens. It was an impressive and long lasting experience on such a soppy day.






Mental power location

Monastery Orval, october 2014



Almost every day on our journey we started with an hour of "trotting" (some way of throttled jogging). Such a beginning gave us a rythm to the course of our day and psychcal energy. At the same time we could discover the surrounding area, get in contact with people, who were on the way at the same time. The countryside was changing during the year, from bloomy spring to Indian summer and to the falling leaves of autumn. Plenty of natural flavours - refreshing ones and sometimes mouldy - circled our noses, each morning and at any location, always new and fascinating.






Power delivered through sport

Dagens 2, almost daily



En route, far away from urban markets, in the outback of the densely wooded Ardennes, a horticulturist made us an astonishing offer: we were allowd to harvest fresh vegetables in his garden what and as much as we would like to, before he ploughed it away. Treated by a handy chef in the galley, we could delight this surprising opportunity on our menu for weeks.





Power from culinary art

Dagens 2, october 2014



Visiting museums, viewing operas, enjoying theaters and following the rythm of a ballet, all of it filled us with joy and excitement during the year, whose end we are approaching.





Power emerging from culture

"Bolero", open-air ballet in the Orangerie-garden of Château de Versailles
june 2014 



Being on the waterways, discovering new locations, mooring somewhere never seen before, living there for several days, keeping an open mind, inviting guests for a coffee or a dinner, to be pleased with all that is happening around us, but to leave it shortly afterwards and concentrating on what happens next: it's always a new challenge - even for us.





Power emerging from peacefull rivers an canals



We wish you many power locations and energising events, which match your challenges of the next year.



Enjoy a merry Christmas and get our best wishes for 2015


Bernadette und Heinz






Postal address until 25th of march 2015:

Bateau Dagens 2

6, quai de la Tourelle

95000 Cergy




Christmas decoration on deck of Dgens 2, november 2014








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